β€žAn idea is like a play. It needs a good producer and a good promoter even if it is a masterpiece.
Otherwise the play may never open; or it may open but, for a lack of an audience, it will close after a week.”

David Bornstein, Writer and journalist –

About Us

Positive Projects supports projects which have a positive impact at the level of the Romanian society. It acts as a flexible resource and a specialized information center for NGO leaders and entrepreneurs.

Do you lead an NGO outside Romania but you would like to get involved in solving worldwide social issues by fighting them across borders? If you are searching for a Romanian local partner, Positive Projects can help by identifying the right organization you could cooperate with. This would contribute to maximizing efficiency in dealing with your social cause.

Or maybe you want to set up your own non-governmental organization in Romania. We might offer you just the right tools and connect you with professionals who can help with the process.


You have bold ideas and projects you want to implement in Romania, but you lack financing and specialized resources? Positive Projects supports you in attaining your objectives.

We may help you by providing the following services:

  • Assistance for developing social projects in Romania;
  • Fundraising strategy and support for the Romanian market;
  • Project management services;
  • Assistance for compliance with Romanian tax law;
  • Organizing events and developing training programs;

If you are a non-resident managing a business in Romania, you might benefit from our services. Should you find that financial aspects, business strategy or Romanian taxes are hard to manage in a permanently bureaucratic environment, Positive Projects may help you plan efficiently and may answer some of your questions.

We focus on preventing problems, before any issues arise.

We may help you by providing the following services:

  • Tax assistance;
  • Management and business consultancy;
  • Customised professional training programs.

You are a foreigner staying in/traveling to Romania for over 183 days in a year and you would like to know the potential tax implications for your worlwide income? Determining or changing tax residency is not exactly within your expertise?

Positive Projects might assist with these aspects (by providing personal tax assistance), so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Romania. It is probably better than later writing a novel about dealing with the Romanian tax authorities.

If you would like to receive support from Positive Projects, please contact us:

Phone: +40 722 783 960